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Nanjing Jinming Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, after twenty years of cultivation, we accumulated a bunch of senior engineers, technicians, workers with superior skills and rich experience. It is the experience of company and intelligence of talents to build the core competence of our company.



  Grinding a sword shall take a decade. Based on developing technology, the company is devoted in the research and manufacture of pneumatic hoisting products, and it earned us great reputation in domestic pneumatic hoisting area. We also have active and close cooperation with China Hoisting & Conveying Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute, Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics etc. We also build strategic relationship with many well-known oversea companies, wildly absorb the newest experience on technology, try to reach and surpass the international pneumatic hoisting technology, and finally, to forge a new army in the domestic hoisting equipment market.

Currently, the company has already development nearly a hundred of products within five series, which covered over 20 industries such as Chemical, Automobile, Machinery, Metallurgy, Mining etc in over 30 provinces. We insist in working on every link of manufacture with our full heart, that will build the client-satisfying products. Based on the client’s request, we will do our best to offer more and better solutions!